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The Cake Story 

The cake story is my story. It began when I started baking my kids' birthday cakes and eventually when my friends' "ooh's" and "aahs" turned to "How did you do that?!", I realized that maybe I could do more; now it's been 5 years since I started my home baking venture. Apart from a few classes I've attended, I'm a self-taught cake decorator and continue to add new skills and techniques to my repertoire every day. 

Over the past years, I've had many challenging requests but I've found that every cake is a teaching, learning, and trying experience.  Just when I've pulled out all my hair and think I'm ready to give up, by some miracle it all comes together. It's a great feeling but by far, the best moment is always when the client, be it adults or kids see their dream cake; their JOY! 

Over the years there have been so many cakes I'm not able to select a few pics so thought I'll theme them up into categories.  

Children's Birthday cakes 

The first category is kids birthday cakes, usually it will be their latest fad or comic book character.  Sometimes I didn't even know what I was making 

Everybody's favorite chocolate cake

Some more themed cakes-adults