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How I Became A

 Food Blogger

Hi! my passion for food started at a very young age, inspired by my mother who is an exceptional cook. Food brought together my whole family because even if the world was ending, we had to eat dinner!


Being a Malayalee growing up in Kuwait, I’ve grown up eating flavorful, diverse cuisines, it was only later during my spinster days in Bangalore that I began experimenting with cooking. During that time I realized how much I enjoyed it- the spices, the colors, the flavors- it felt like the whole world just opened up and I was smitten! Later, as a stay-at-home mom with two kids, baking provided a respite from all the baby madness and an outlet for my creative energy, that was the beginning of  “The Cake Story”, my home baking venture which has allowed me to bring joy to my clients and their celebrations, one cake at a time. 

I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively, and the one constant I realize is that no matter where you are, food brings people together. Food and Music can cure anything is my Mantra!

My approach to food has no templates, no rules, no borders, it is a celebration of all my experiences.  I am not a purist, I am not one to slave off in a kitchen. I subscribe to maximum flavor in minimum time. I have compiled recipes that I have experimented with, some passed on from my mom, aunts, and friends over the years. I invite you to try these recipes and be that artist who paints with spices and tells the stories of flavor.


Come on let's stir it up together!

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